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ZIA - SHEM (1995)
Plus mid-90's multimedia!

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The last track is multimedia that Elaine created in Macromedia Director in 1994. Download and try it at your own risk. It is a stand alone application for Mac Classic and a mid-‘90s version of Windows. It gives a narration of our future in space and why we should embrace technology; not fear it. It also contains a history of the US Space Program and some facts about our solar system. Thanks to Bob Gourley for his programming guidance. lyrics

"I created the space education multimedia out of my desire to make the public more aware of the wonders of space exploration, and out of my belief that supporting it can directly contribute to the quality of our children's lives and the future of humanity." -Elaine
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SHEM was released by Young American Records in Boston in 1995, supporting ZIA's first tour of the North Eastern states. Young American shared resources and personnel with Boston's popular Performer Magazine. When the magazine had a hostile takeover by one of the investors, Young American lost their office space and other resources and went out of business. ZIA got picked up by Fifth Colvmn Records in DC, run by Jared from the band, Chem Lab. ZIA went on a second tour of the South Eastern states in 1996. Fifth Colvmn was eventually dropped by Caroline and went out of business. SHEM's lyrical content was strongly inspired by Zecharia Sitchin's book The 12th Planet. Hand Held is ZIA's first hint at a love song, about a video character wanting to feel a human touch. Disevolve was inspired by the book Neuromancer. River pokes fun at both liberals and conservatives. The more raw, funky sound of SHEM was inspired by the popular Grunge/Funk/Metal band Cobalt 60 because Elaine was soon to be married to the guitarist, Dan Mullen. All songs were written in 19 and 10 tone tunings.
Recorded in June 1995 at Bela Studios, Boston, MA
Production: Peter Moore, Jeff Biegert, Elaine Walker, Rob Trainor
Engineering: Peter Moore, Jeff Biegert
Mastered by: Henk Kooistra at 9 West Mastering
Written and performed by Elaine Walker
Lyrics for Disevolve by Elaine Walker and Rob Trainor
Drum performances by Rob Trainor
Additional voices by: Rob Trainor, Peter Moore, Jeff Biegert, and Dan Weingartner
Legal representation: Tim Donahue
Photography: Adam Buck, Hartley Batchelder and Bill Chute
CD Layout and Design: Rob and Elaine
Multimedia production: Elaine Walker and Bob Gourley

All songs © 1995 ZIA (ASCAP) All rights reserved
Released by Young American Records (1995) and Fifth Colvmn Records (1996)

ZIA would like to thank the following people for their support: Our friends, families and loved ones, Tim Donahue, Peter and Jeff of Think Tree, Dan Weingartner, Die Warzau, Jim Marcus, NIN, Trent, Erin, Gerry Gerrard and Sam, Chem Lab, Jarad, KMFDM, Marilyn Manson, SMG, Raw, Rick Schettino, Elio, Young American Records, Lisa Sirois, Dan Mullen, Jolie Trainor, Adam Foster Buck, The Pit Report, Bob and Lisa Gourley, Virus-23, Krayge, Gromet, Chris, Acumen, 0 Dark:30, Steve, The Warehouse, Big D., Jeff Churchwell, Digger, Dan, Clay People, Joe Bonni, all the people that we may have forgotten, and all of the fans that support electronic music. Thank you.