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    SCHIZOID ARIA (1986)
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During the summer of 1986, Elaine and Scott Parsons joined forces to create the band, Schizoid Aria. Half of the reportoire includes songs written and sung by Scott P. and the other half were written and sung by Elaine Walker - thus the name Schizoid Aria. This CD is a live recording of Elaine's songs only. It was recorded live to 3-track tape (one track was broken). [note: Scott didn’t want his songs released at this time, but I have no shame. I had just returned from a semester in London which explains my fake British accent. This is before I discovered sequencers so it’s pretty quaint. -ew]

Elaine Walker [vocals/keyboards/songwriting]
Scott Parsons [guitar]
David Kennel [bass]
Frank Flint [drums]

All songs © 1986 Schizoid Aria