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Lyrics on Red Dreams are by Peter Diamandis, and lyrics on From Earth to Mars are by Kevin Leclaire. Humans and Martian Machines was inspired by the Mars Polar Lander. I tried to give the piece a hopeful ending. It was a school project at NYU and was due before I knew the outcome of the lander being lost. It was written in a micro/macro tuning that I derived from the golden ratio and is the only unequal tempered tuning I have ever used. Devon Island and Martian Man were inspired by the Haughton-Mars Project. lyrics

Music by Elaine Walker
Lyrics on 2 by Peter Diamandis
Lyrics on 5 by Kevin Leclaire
Drum loops on 3 and 8 by Juno Kang
Produced by Elaine Walker

All songs © 2000 ZIA (ASCAP) All rights reserved