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    D.D.T. - DISCOMEDIA (1993)
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D.D.T. was a hardcore aggro-industrial electronic act that was together in Boston from the late 1980's until the mid 1990's. Noel McKenna did drum programming and vocals, Lisa Sirois did (8 bit!) samples and some vocals, and Elaine Walker (who joined in late 1991) did synth programming. Note that every song is micro/macrotonal except Blessed. This adds a futuristic and other-worldly edge to the music. Elaine joined D.D.T. at the same time she was forming ZIA. The first ZIA lineup consisted of Noel McKenna and Lisa Sirois of D.D.T. Where are they now? Noel is now a Buddhist Monk in upstate New York and Lisa is DJ Goldilox in San Francisco.

Noel McKenna [vocals/drums]
Lisa Sirois [samples]
Elaine Walker [synths]

All songs © 1993 Lovely Flankers